Why Study High School in the UK?

When high school education is received in England, there is the opportunity to study at university as a continuation of education and to live and work in England after graduation. For this reason, high school education in England is often preferred for foreigners.

In addition to long-term high school education in England, there are additional programs such as summer school and language school for students who want to experience England.

When the student successfully completes his high school education in England, he will be able to continue his education at a British university as he will feel comfortable with both the foreign language and the education system. Unlike the education system in Turkey, in the education system in England, students receive courses and training regarding their profession and the department they want to study at the university while they are still in high school.

In addition, for students who want to improve themselves in sports and artistic fields, in addition to standard academic development-oriented education, high schools in England offer support that will contribute to the development of young people in almost every branch.

Most importantly, since foreign languages are given great importance in England, the student will be free from the disadvantage of the inadequacy of foreign language teaching in Turkey and will have the ability to speak a few more foreign languages such as French and German besides English.

In Which High Schools Can You Study in England?

The following schools are some of the schools that offer high school education to international students in the UK.

  • CATS Academy
  • Plymouth College
  • Bellerbys College
  • Adcote School
  • Cardiff & Vale College
  • Worthing College
  • Chelsea Independent College
  • Felsted School
  • Bexhill College
  • Highbury College

How to Get High School Education in England?

Of course, certain criteria are required for high school education in England according to the British high school education system. Among these criteria, the student’s age, knowledge of English and achievements in educational life play an important role.

It would be a very correct step to take a level determination test to determine the student’s success in education and to focus on his weak aspects.

If the necessary criteria are met, a school can be chosen among England’s public or private boarding high schools. Admission criteria for public and private schools differ.

In addition to the admission criteria, UK high school prices also vary depending on whether the student will study at a public or private school. Therefore, this price difference should be taken into consideration when choosing a school.

Among the general admission requirements of high schools in England, the student; It is required to have a grade point average of at least 80 in the 100-point grading system in Turkey, to have received at least 235 in the ELTiS exam and 4.5 in the UKVI IELTS exam.

Where can students who will receive high school education in England stay?

As we mentioned before, in England, boarding accommodation options may be offered depending on the type of school.

Students accepted to this high school education program as international students can benefit from the school’s dormitory service. With some exceptions, these student dormitories are located within the school boundaries.

Some educational institutions, such as State College, place foreign students with families who want to host them, treat them as if they were a part of their own family, and want to be with them in their education life. These families are the ones who apply to the necessary institutions and receive approval after the examination, and they are constantly checked to see whether they are suitable for the student staying at home. 3-meal meals are also offered in high school dormitories across England. Meal fees are included in the dormitory accommodation fee.

To make sure that you will receive a good high school education in England, the LondonbyJada team evaluates all the specified criteria for you.

Situations where high school education is required in England; You can reach the LondonbyJada team by e-mail for all your questions about choosing a school for high school education in England and where to stay during high school education.

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