LONDONBYJADA has brought together the knowledge and experience gained from London life for nearly 20 years on a professional platform by bringing together British consultants who are experts in their fields.

Our company started its activities in October 2013 as a platform that can answer all your questions in Turkish about life in this wonderful city, especially the main topics of Real Estate and Education in London.

In a very short time, it achieved its goal of becoming an important resource for Turkish families and students who come to live or are considering coming here by sharing scenes from daily life in London.




LONDON|BYJADA founder Ceyda worked in the sales and management team of a leading IT company in America for approximately 12 years before establishing her own company. Ceyda, who moved to London in 2000, left Anixter in 2010 as EMEA Vice President responsible for 22 countries. While living in Istanbul between 2012 and 2014, she founded the Londonbyjada platform, where she could bring together her knowledge, environment and experience about London, and the growth of the company accelerated with her return to London. Ceyda, a mother of two children, aims to share accurate, healthy and up-to-date information about life in London to Turkish families and students with the Londonbyjada platform.


High School Counselor


Jeremy graduated from the University of London with degrees in English and Educational Administration. He has extensive experience, with the first half of his career devoted to teaching English in secondary schools. Jeremy, who served as Deputy Head of Emanuel School between 1995 and 2000, later served as head of two leading preparatory schools in London. During his time as Principal of Westminster Under School (2000 - 2010) and Eaton House the Manor (2010 - 2016), he provided high school counseling to families based on their children's academic success and personal abilities.

As a teacher/administrator with nearly 40 years of educational background, his philosophy has been to encourage students to reach their full potential and, most importantly, to enjoy their school years. As a father of three adult children, two girls and a boy, he understands the education system from both a parent and a school principal's perspective.

In recent years, Jeremy has been providing educational consultancy to schools and families and manages the Education department within the Londonbyjada team.


Primary School Counselor


Dianne has over 40 years of experience in the British education system. Dianne graduated from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with a B.Ed and later completed an MA with a specialization in educational psychology and English literature. Dianne served as the Principal of Prospect House Primary School between 2004 and 2017. During this period, she advised families on choosing the right school for their children and played a very important role in helping children target the right schools according to their academic success and abilities. Having an excellent knowledge of schools in London and its immediate surroundings, Dianne currently works as a consultant for the Association of Independent Preparatory Schools (IAPS) schools, as well as primary school consultancy within the Londonbyjada team, and is an inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate.


University Advisor


After graduating from Cambridge University, Leyla worked as a consultant in certain schools and has been working in the Londonbyjada team since 2017, supporting our students in GCSE and A Level selection issues during their high school years and providing consultancy on university preferences and applications. Leyla, a mother of three children who are studying in the British system, serves as an important guide to our students in their career choices that will shape their lives, both as a parent and as a consultant.


Marketing Consultant


Born in Izmir on August 1, 1981, Zeynep Gözübüyük graduated from Izmir Saint Joseph French High School, Istanbul Bilgi University International Relations and Toulouse University International Management. Since 2012, when she resigned from her position as Marketing Manager responsible for Air France KLM Airlines Eastern Mediterranean Countries, she has been working on long-term marketing for leading brands in the sector such as HİPP, Philips Avent, Watsons, Prima, Profilo, Carters, Neutrogena, Komili, LifeCo, Unigen, Joker, Çilek Mobilya. Carries out social media projects and activities and shares these projects on the @zeynepgozubuyuk account. After settling in London in April 2021, she continues her work for brands in both Turkey and the UK. She has been carrying out LondonbyJada's marketing activities and producing digital content since February 2022.

To better understand complex terms and processes in the London real estate industry

To find the right investments that best suit your budget and to guide you

Finding reliable and clean rental apartments for young people starting university

To highlight students' talents in the fields of art, sports and music

Finding the most suitable schools that prioritize students' personalities

To present you with a team that is highly experienced in the country and the city.

Those who plan to start a new life in London....

LONDONBYJADA team, which provides consultancy services in the fields of "Real Estate", "Education" and "Lifestyle", has answered dozens of families' questions about these issues since its establishment, and has also managed to alleviate the concerns of changing countries and cities by providing guidance in school and/or home choices.