We share with you the answers to questions you may have about education in the UK, especially on the Internet where all information is available in English. As the Londonbyjada team, which we established together with our British business partners who have more than 40 years of experience in the education sector in order to create resources in Turkish on the subject, we are happy to place dozens of our students in schools suitable for them over the years and to closely follow their success in their educational lives.

Our aim with this team we have established is to share with you a lot of important information about the British education system rather than highlighting certain schools in England on this platform; Our aim is to introduce schools in and around London, to explain the application processes to these schools and to show you the importance of placing each child in schools suitable for their skills and abilities.

We hope you will enjoy reading our articles and we look forward to your questions about the topics we cover.

Structured academic assessments for different age groups determine the academic level of Turkish students according to their age and provide a measure of their level compared to their peers in the UK. These academic level tests are extremely important and instructive as they identify areas of competence, areas where support is needed, gaps in knowledge (due to curriculum differences) and make comparisons between basic ability and attainment levels in English and numeracy.

Information is analyzed and measured in every field, from the level of reading and writing in English to reading comprehension and vocabulary. Mathematical understanding is also measured and analyzed.

Following the assessment, a detailed written report is prepared with a list of recommended strategies to enable parents to assist in their child’s education and support their individual learning. Evaluations can be done face to face or via an online platform.

For Turkish families, the British education system can be quite complicated, especially when you do not know the terms and terminology used. In the system, which is basically divided into two as public and private schools, the details regarding the application processes to public schools, the dates, the different names used for these schools (academy) or the system of terms such as selected, non selected, pre-prep, prep, coed in private schools are even more complicated. makes it complicated.

There are both very good state schools and over 3,000 Private schools across England. Choosing the most suitable and appropriate one for your child among these requires a very difficult research, and this research requires an extensive period of time.

The most important duties of the Londonbyjada education team are to save you time in this study, to explain the terms and the system, to determine the schools that are suitable for the student’s academic structure, personal abilities and the family, to share the application processes of these schools with the families and to support our students in what needs to be done during this process.

In the London|byjada team, British instructors who are experts in their fields and are suitable for the student’s age group can give private lessons via an online platform or face to face at the student’s home. The aim of these English-oriented private lessons is to complete the missing parts determined by the academic placement test and to increase the student’s level of English writing and reading comprehension and self-expression. Courses are scheduled in line with the student’s needs and reports are given to the family and the student about their progress at regular intervals. These online private lessons are available in math, science or other subjects and can be incorporated into the program based on the student’s needs.

Our British instructors, who give private lessons during the summer months, can go to Turkey and work with our students face to face for 1 week or longer and support them in line with their academic goals. You can send us an e-mail for detailed information on the subject.

Students prefer summer camps in and around London to get support in English education, to improve themselves in the sports, art or music they are interested in, and to spend quality time during the summer months. Londonbyjada team has been supporting families for years to choose the most suitable camp for the student from dozens of summer camps of different types, day, half or full day, or boarding.

You can contact us to access many academic, sports, music or art-oriented camps between the ages of 05-18 and to choose the camps that best suit the expectations of families.


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