We have conducted extensive research on the education system of England, which is one of the most preferred countries in the world, especially for university education, and as LondonbyJada, we have compiled the top 10 reasons that those who want to study in England are curious about in this article.

Education Quality
The primary reason why England is preferred for education at the international level is, of course, the quality of education. Factors such as the fact that the country’s native language is English, the international language of education, that it has a rich academic research history, that there is extensive government support, and that it hosts respected academics play a role in England’s ability to provide a quality education. Higher education institutions in the UK are inspected by QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education). Additionally, most private schools in England are members of ISC (Independent Schools Council).

Living Standards
England’s life index, transportation facilities and civilization level increase the general quality of life and are the reason why foreign students choose England. According to the OECD Better Life Index, the UK is ranked above average in terms of personal safety, environmental quality, civic engagement, social opportunities, health, employment and income, education and qualifications.

Career Opportunities
Studying in England, which is one of the most economically powerful countries in the world, can provide opportunities to work in England. Those who are educated in other countries can also work in the UK, but those who are educated in the UK are likely to do an internship and then get a job in the UK.

English in Business
English is the most valid language at the international level and this language is preferred in many official business correspondence. In such cases, having studied in England has the advantage of being familiar with the language used in the business world.

International Environment
England, which hosts people from all over the world, has a multicultural environment in terms of education. Students can get to know different cultures and make various friendships. More than a third of London’s residents are non-British born and the city is home to 270 nationalities.

Residence Permit and Citizenship Opportunity
Anyone who has lived – legally – in the UK for a certain period of time for various reasons has the right to become a British citizen. British citizenship, in addition to being a citizen of one of the most developed countries in the world, also brings with it a powerful passport. Residence permit and citizenship rights in the UK can be achieved in different ways. The most popular of these for Turkish citizens is the Ankara Agreement. However, attention should be paid to the details that have changed recently.

Scholarship Opportunities
In addition to the generally known scholarships, universities in the UK also offer institution-specific scholarships. The important thing here is to research the targeted educational institutions in detail and, if possible, consult an expert on this subject. Although many students comply with the conditions, they do not even request this right because they do not know about the recognized scholarships.

Social Opportunities
What makes British schools the most respected and successful educational institutions in the world is not only the quality of education of these schools; In these schools, social opportunities in various fields such as sports, chess, literature and music are highly developed, and British schools make their names known to the world with their success in these fields every year.

Geographic Location
England is frequently preferred for education due to its proximity to Europe and Turkey. Many students prefer to study in England because of the opportunity to easily travel to Turkey even for the weekend. For students who visit their families frequently or whose families visit frequently, the UK is a great option.

Those who go to England to study can get to know the deep-rooted British culture with its food, sports and activities, and benefit from well-established libraries, theaters and museums. There are over 230 theaters in London. In England, this number is over 1300.

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