Comparison of the British and Turkish Education Systems

England’s education system is one of the topics for families with children are most curious about. As LondonbyJada, we made a brief comparison of the education systems of Türkiye and England.

Preschool Education in England

In England, pre-school education is free for children aged 3-4. In the pre-school education system, children are given the necessary training for their personal development, to enable them to establish cause-effect relationships and to establish healthy relationships.

Compulsory Education Period in England

  • In England, compulsory education continues full-time from the age of 5 until the age of 16.
  • The academic year lasts 190 working days.
  • Although the academic year generally starts in September and ends in July, local governments may change these dates.
  • Schools open at 09:00 in the morning and education ends at 16:00, but the school administration can change the hours.

Levels of Education in England

Infant School (Primary Education First Level): The first stage begins at the age of 5 and ends at the age of 7.

Junior School (Primary Education Second Level): The second stage, which starts at the age of 7, ends at the age of 11 and students take the graduation exam at the end of this process.

Secondary School (Secondary Education): Secondary education is divided into two stages: the first until the age of 14; Second stage education is received from the age of 14 to the age of 16. The courses taken in the second stage and success in these courses play a key role in university entrance. At the end of the training, separate exams are taken for each course and the scores obtained in these exams are important factors in choosing a university.

England’s Education Methodology

England, which stands out with its education system that instills empathy and respect for differences, aims for each student to be an individual with a strong character.

Efforts are made to ensure that students, as well as teachers, acquire a culture of asking questions and discussing.

The British education system conveys scientific subjects to students by using experimental methods and putting them into practice.

In England, additional resources are allocated for students who need financial, psychological or physical support.

Types of Schools in England

In England, there are private schools as well as public schools. It is possible to find private schools of all levels and quality, from kindergarten to university.

Semi-Centralized Education System

In England, apart from the Ministry of Education, municipalities, school boards and school employees have a say in education. The ministry of education sets policies, and their implementation is generally decided and implemented by groups such as school boards, municipalities and school staff.

Main Duties of School Boards:

  • To ensure the correct implementation of the determined curriculum.
  • To achieve the performance expected from the school.
  • Managing the school budget.
  • Taking part in the appointment of school employees.
  • To regulate the relationships of the school and students with the environment.
  • Educational Inspection in England
  • There are different inspection institutions in the field of education in England and they carry out inspections in line with the targets set by the ministry.

The Department for Education and Skills determines and publishes the success rankings of the country’s schools through inspections.

The Standard Education Office evaluates the performance of regular schools, nurseries, adult education institutions, colleges and many other educational institutions and shares the results with the ministry. The Standard Education Office, which has the power to impose sanctions on failing schools, undertakes important duties in ensuring total quality in education.

Main Differences Between Education Systems of Two Countries

  • While in England policies are determined by the ministry and the method is decided by local governments, in Turkey there are local governments that have to act in line with the decision of the ministry.
  • While there is a more theoretical education in Turkey, there is an education that is put into practice in England.
  • While the education system in Turkey aims to “create a good citizen”, in England the aim is “to create a good individual”.
  • In Turkey, school employees are civil servants appointed by the state; In England, they are contracted personnel hired by the joint decision of the institutions managing the school.
  • While England is one of the OECD countries that allocates the highest share of the budget to education, Turkey is one of the OECD countries in poor condition.

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