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Lifestyle  |  09/09/2023

Tips for Those Wishing to Settle in London

London, which has been among the world’s centers of attraction for hundreds of years and is the financial center of Europe, is a city where different cultures live together in peace and where everyone can find something from themselves. As LondonbyJada, we have compiled some tips for people who are considering moving to London from […]

Lifestyle  |  09/09/2023

Where Should I Live in London?

If you have a dream of moving to London and living there, you need to keep in mind that you will encounter one of the largest and cosmopolitan metropolises in the world, and that you may live a very comfortable life, but you may also experience difficulties in a neighborhood that you may regret. LondonbyJada […]

Lifestyle  |  09/09/2023


1- To whom/to whom has the company’s best-known consultancy service been provided?As the Londonbyjada team, we can say that the main topics we provide consultancy on are real estate investments and school selection in London. Of course, the needs of each family can be very different. We generally work with two different types of families. […]

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