Why Study High School in the UK?

England, one of the countries that allocates the highest share to education among OECD countries, is a country that is highly popular for high school education as well as university education. Studying high school in England provides various advantages for students who plan to study at universities in this country or at universities with high success rates in other countries.

Universities in the UK expect students who will apply to have successfully passed some courses, and these courses are not available in high schools in Turkey. For this reason, Turkish students who plan to study for undergraduate education in England must pass through high schools in England.

The quality of education in high schools in England, which are subject to strict control, is quite high and a practice-based education style is adopted. In these high schools, which offer various opportunities in terms of extracurricular activities, students gain experience in different fields.

British High School Education System

There are two stages of high school education in England. At the end of the first stage, called GCSE (General Certification of Secondary Education), which lasts 2 years and basic courses are taken, students take the exam. After the exam, the second stage begins for students who want to receive university education. In the second stage, called A-Level, they prepare for the courses of the university department they want to study.

While it is necessary to be between the ages of 14 and 16 for GCSE education, it is necessary to be between the ages of 16 and 18 for A-Level high school education.

Although the training lasts 2 years, some private schools also offer accelerated training, and when these trainings are taken, it is possible to reduce GCSE to 1 year and A-Level to 1.5 years.

Application Requirements for High School Education in England

While the schools to be applied may have their own special conditions, there are also some standard conditions that all schools seek.

  • Transcript
  • Reference letters from the principal of the school you graduated from and at least 1 teacher
  • IELTS score of 5.5 or above
  • A letter explaining your reasons for wanting to study in England
  • The result document of the interview when applying to high school in England

Public High School or Private High School?

Both options are open for students who want to study in England. Since the costs of public high schools are lower than private high schools, there is a higher demand and accordingly, higher success can be achieved in admission.

Since the supervision of high schools in England is very strict, it is very unlikely that the high school you will send your child to will be mediocre or inferior. As LondonbyJada, we can guide you about high school education in England and help you find the high school that meets your expectations.

What are the High School Fees in England?

While public high schools are completely daytime education and do not include dormitories, private high schools have both boarding and day options. The quality, reputation or facilities of high schools, which have a starting price of approximately £ 14,000, affect the price. Day tuition in well-known and famous high schools can reach £20,000, and if there is a demand for dormitories, this figure can reach £40,000.

What is accommodation like while studying at high school in England?

If you do not plan to come to the UK with your child and live with him, you have 2 options:

  • Dormitories: Many private high schools have student dormitories, and these dormitories are usually located on the same campus as the school. Student dormitories appear to be good options because they are safe, clean, controlled and located within the school.
  • Homestay: Another accommodation option during high school education in the UK is the option known as “Homestay”, which is more economical than dormitories. This option should not intimidate families, because families who want to take students into their homes do so not in a random way, but under state control. The family who wants to host a student in their home first applies to the state and is taken into the review process. If it meets the necessary conditions, it has the right to host students in a manner approved by the state.

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