Many terms used in the London property market may sound foreign to you. Issues such as the location of the houses, their district, their age, their proximity to the metro, their square meters and the number of bathrooms can be listed among the main details that determine real estate prices in England. When investing in real estate in an environment where you are almost completely unfamiliar, expert opinions on the subject are of great importance.

At this point, we help you make the right choice, taking into account all the details and as a company that has been keeping its finger on the pulse of the industry for years. With the Londonbyjada team, which we established together with our British colleagues who have been actively involved in the rental and purchasing departments for years, we are happy and proud to place many families who have reached us over the years in houses that best suit their budgets and expectations.

If you want to follow the real estate market in London or even rent or buy an apartment/house in London, you can call us. We are waiting for your questions to share our knowledge and experience on the subject with you and to support you in making the best choice.

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Real Estate  |  09/09/2023

Renting a Home in London

We all know that establishing a life in a new country is an equation with many unknowns. Since many factors such as cultural differences, climate, food, working life and laws will change at the same time, you need to do a good research on the suitability of the conditions before deciding on such a change. […]

Real Estate  |  09/09/2023

Why Should I Invest in Property in the UK?

You may have many different reasons to invest in real estate in the UK, and these reasons may include buying a property for investment purposes and renting it out, settling in England, or wanting your children that you will send to the UK for education to not have to deal with renting a house. Real […]

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