Summer Camp: Have Fun or Study English?

Last week, we held a Zoom meeting about summer camps in England, moderated by me, and we learned important information about summer camps in England from LondonbyJada’s founder, Education Consultant Ceyda Basut.

As far as I understand from the questions we received while talking to our participating parents, they rightly want their children to improve their English skills, do the activities they love, and have fun during their summer holidays when they come to England. One of the most frequently asked questions was whether there were programs where these two were together. e.g. Is there a program that is both tennis and English, or both football and English? Many questions were asked about whether there are programs that include not only sports but also art, music, and training such as coding, game design, etc., in which the new generation wants to improve.

Since it is called summer camp in England, it may be thought that it is always entertainment-oriented. Summer school seems to be more English-oriented, while summer camp is more fun-oriented. But this is just a confusion of concepts. Summer school and summer camp are the same thing. Of course, there are language-oriented summer camps in England. For those who want to improve their English level, there are programs where only English lessons are given, there are also camps where English lessons are given for 15 hours a week along with sports or art activities, if the child’s English level is sufficient, there are also camps that include art or software-related training, where all subjects are taught in English. These programs also support English language skills.

The most important issue that Ceyda Hanım emphasizes is the importance of making choices according to the needs of each child. There are many different schools and programs in England that he has chosen. It is important to find the right school according to your age, English level and interests. There are so many alternatives and they all look so beautiful that it gets confusing. This is where Ceyda Hanım’s expertise and experience come into play. He knows the schools and programs so well that he makes a precise placement according to the needs of the children coming from Turkey and their families and the pros and cons of the schools. If you would like to send this information to him, you can click on the link below and fill out the registration form.


Another question that came up was at what age a child could participate. Summer camps in England accept registration from ages 4 and up. He is not expected to know English. Here, they are very used to children coming from different countries and not knowing any English, and they immediately adapt and integrate them. The speed at which children learn is incredible. When I attended the summer camp when Ayşe was 6 years old, I gave children’s yoga lessons to 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds as a guest teacher. Their day-to-day language development and adaptability are truly incredible.

Another of the most frequently asked questions was when should we decide and what kind of budget should we allocate. Since the alternatives are very diverse, school prices vary widely. To specify a lower limit, we can say that it starts from 450 Pounds per week. Prices vary as half-day, full-day and boarding programs.

The question of when to decide is more critical. Summer camps have not been open for 2 years due to the pandemic, but students from all over the world are looking forward to the opening of summer camps. Therefore, quotas are expected to be filled faster. Ms. Ceyda suggested that the registration in Turkey should be done around May at the latest, as the visa acquisition period is also extended due to the density.

We will hold our UK Summer Camps information meeting again on the week of March 15th. If you want to participate, just fill out the form and write “I want to attend the Zoom meeting” in the Notes section.

Next Thursday, I will talk about education for those living in England. We will continue to provide useful content for all of you.

Much love to you all,
Zeynep Gözübüyük

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