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I continue my articles about summer camps this week. We stated in our posts that there were many different alternatives, and we received many questions about it. England is very rich in summer camps. Hundreds of schools host thousands of students every year. In addition to spending the summer productively and improving their language skills, adding summer schools in England to their CVs provides a plus in every period of their lives. So, I know you will ask, which school and which camp should we choose? You also want to choose the best alternative so that your child will love it, enjoy participating in it, and also be useful. It is not possible to summarize all the alternatives in one or a few articles, but if you fill out this form and send us detailed information about your needs, our team will select the ones that are suitable for you among hundreds of alternatives and forward them to you.
As an example, I chose art and coding topics.

Young Artists Summer Camp Program is a camp that accepts children between the ages of 12-18 and includes programs such as drawing, contemporary painting, sculpture and experimental media classes, as well as comics, manga and animation classes.

It is possible to participate in the program at all levels and weekly. Each subject has its own group. The first week starts on July 18, the last participation is the week of August 22. 1 week’s wage starts from 335 Pounds. There are courses in various disciplines at the Art Academy. From introductory courses for beginners to masterclasses for the more experienced, courses are taught by experts in their fields. Classes have a maximum capacity of 15 people, so the teacher has plenty of time to pay individual attention to each student. In addition, a young artists course is organized for young people who are interested in or considering applying to art school. Aimed at young people doing GCSE or A-level art, the course is an ideal taster of art school and is a great way for students to get an idea of what a foundation course could be like.

Another example is coding. Coding programs for children between the ages of 9-17 are very diverse. There are many different course alternatives, from adventures in artificial intelligence to making mobile applications, from creating games in Roblox to junior level Python coding, from Minecraft Mechanical Engineer to coding with Java. In order for us to send you the details of these programs, which start from 195 Pounds per week, all you have to do is specify the subject as “coding” in your form.

We talked about programs starting from the age of 9, but there are very good camps in England that will help young people preparing for university in their career choices, give them experience and serve as a reference. Again, it’s like film production where you can participate weekly. There are also acting courses in the same camp. In short, just ask, I’m sure we can find a great camp in England that suits your child’s interests. Weekly participation in all of them is possible, but budgets vary greatly from course to course.

We proceed by providing general information and answering questions in our Zoom meetings and articles. We will hold another Zoom meeting on Thursday, March 17 at 21:00. To participate, all you have to do is fill out the form and write in the notes section that you want to attend the Zoom meeting.
See you face to face on Thursday with those who can attend.
I wish everyone a very enjoyable week.

Best regards
Zeynep Gözübüyük

If you would like to receive private consultancy when you have difficulty in choosing, you can also request a 1-hour evaluation and school selection meeting via Zoom. The budget for this meeting is £30 per hour.

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