Everything You Are Curious About London

Before traveling to London, there are some important details you should know about London.
This article will help you with everything you wonder about London, such as the language spoken, the food eaten, places to visit, the weather, which visa you need to get.

First of all, it is useful to know that, thanks to London’s multinational and cosmopolitan structure in terms of foreign languages, approximately 300 languages other than English are spoken in this city.

After English, the most spoken languages in London are Spanish, French and Arabic. The fact that a different language is spoken on every street makes this city unique. The ninth most spoken language in London is Turkish. Even though you will probably not have any communication problems during your trip to London, it is useful to know a little English, which is the most widely spoken language in the city.

During Which Months Should You Travel to London?

As everyone knows, England is a country famous for its sudden rains. London is also affected by this weather structure of the country. Although the southern parts of London do not have much rain, sudden rain in sunny weather in the northern regions may surprise you. Still, this changeable atmosphere brings color to daily life. For example, when the sun shines, you can spend an unforgettably beautiful day in London while walking among the colorful houses of the Notting Hill neighborhood. If you want to visit London without being affected by sudden weather changes, we recommend that you travel in the summer between May and September.

How to Get a UK Visa?

In order to travel to the UK, you need to obtain a visa, even if you have a green (special) passport. However, the UK visa process is not as difficult as it seems, provided the necessary documents are completed. Documents required to obtain a UK visa:

  • Current passport (old passports, if any)
  • Documents showing your income status
  • Online application form
  • Required receipt showing that you have paid the visa application fee
  • Biometric photo (Standard passport size is not accepted.)
  • Flight tickets and hotel reservations
  • Documents supporting your purpose of being in the UK according to your travel purpose

What are the must-visit places in London?

You need to have information about London to decide on the museums and historical buildings to include in your travel planning. Of course, like every tourist, you should see unique structures such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. However, depending on your personal interest and curiosity, you can also visit the following museums and parks.

  • National Gallery
  • St Jame’s Park
  • Natural History Museum
  • Regent’s Park
  • St James Park

Where to Eat the Best Food in London?

Since people of many races and nationalities live in London, this diversity has also affected the London cuisine. You can find the best dishes of almost every nation’s cuisine in London. Prices vary depending on the popularity of the restaurant you go to. Some restaurants only accept entry by reservation. “Even if I’m in London, I can never give up Turkish food!” If you wish, there are also very nice Turkish restaurants where you can dine. However, we cannot say that every Turkish restaurant serves good food.

Where Can I Best Stay During My London Trip?

There are many accommodation options in London, as it is the capital of England and one of the most traveled cities in the world. Depending on your travel type and travel duration, you can choose different hotels, studio apartments on Airbnb or large, comfortable apartments. Apart from Airbnb, you can also stay in the best hotels in London such as Holiday Inn London, InterContinental London Park Lane, London House Hotel.

Finally, if you want to feel like a local in London, you can also rent a house through LondonbyJada during your trip.

If you need more information about London, you can contact our company’s expert staff.

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